Highest Quality Medical Artwork and 3D Animation Services

Our team of experts will bring your case to life with compelling and persuasive, cost-effective, and expert-approved medical images, 3D animations, and multimedia presentations. For over 21 years, we have been a leading provider of illustrations and animations for doctors and attorneys litigating medico-legal cases related to personal injury, medical negligence, product liability, commercial and criminal law.

Our company specializes in and prides itself on delivering layman-friendly, but state-of-the-art medical artwork and 3D animations.

Our work has played a critical role in achieving a number of large settlements and trial verdicts for our clients throughout the years.

In the arena of medico-legal illustrations, our mission is to transform complex medical evidence into clear, concise and comprehensible facts. Our job is to facilitate your medical expert’s testimony by explaining the complex injury, disease, post-accident condition, surgical procedures, post-operative condition, multiple trauma and in many cases, residual injury even after intervention.

What We Offer

We have an extensive collection of medical graphics and animations in our library pertaining to the anatomy of the human body.

The content in our library is updated on a regular basis. Customized and case-specific work is also available, upon request. Our in-house illustrators possess the skills, knowledge and expertise to provide you with artwork that will make a real difference in your case. Whether it’s a simple fracture or more complex medical condition, our experts will provide comprehensive illustrations based on a thorough analysis of the materials provided; compiling information from various sources, such as radiological films and reports (X-rays, MRI, CT, PET scans, etc.) surgical reports, intra-op photos, post-op films, medical expert notes, medical summaries and other relevant medical documents.

Our Team

Our Team

We understand that medical artwork requires a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy, as well as extensive training in the fine arts. While biological detail adds authenticity to a medical image, artistic expertise provides the necessary finesse and accuracy. Our team of qualified and creative illustrators is equally proficient in both medical science and the fine arts. They possess in-depth knowledge of anatomy, injuries, surgical procedures and complications, and conditions related to orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, pathology, and other medical fields. Using their skills, they will put together the state-of-the-art illustrations and animations you need.

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Why Choose Us?


We have been creating medical artwork for over two decades. During this time, the illustrations designed by our experts have been used as demonstrative evidence throughout the medical and legal communities. In medico-legal cases, our illustrations have helped many lawyers explain complex medical conditions in and out of court that lead to successful verdicts and settlements.

Professional Staff

When it comes to illustrators and animators, we only hire the very best. All of our experts boast a Master’s degree in Medical Illustration and 3D Animation from the most prestigious colleges in the field.


Since we treat every case on an individual basis, we take the time to review all the facts before we begin design and animation, including medical reports, radiological films, summaries, and other relevant documents. All illustrations are created in accordance with your specific requirements.


Our team of experts reviews every illustration multiple times, to check for medical accuracy and artistic verity. We keep you posted at every step. Initially, we send you a proposal along with the estimated cost, and later, we send you a copy of the completed job for your review and approval.


We are fully aware that in the professional world, time is money. We are committed, therefore, to finishing a project within the specified time frame.


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