1. What is the experience level of the (MedicalArtWorks) MAW professionals?

All of our illustrators and animators are highly trained professionals from prestigious medical schools in the United States.  They have Masters degrees in medical illustration, 3D animations with over 100 years of combined experience creating medical demonstrative evidence for the medical and legal community since we opened our doors over 27 years ago.

2. Can I speak to a consultant at MAW regarding my case?

Yes, our contact information is located here or you can submit a request to speak with one of our visual consultants by entering your phone number in the form provided at the top right side of the website. 

3. How do I get a quote for a custom medical illustration or animation?

Please email us at sarita@medicalartworks.com or call our offices at (305) 381-5102 to discuss your case. 

Once we have a chance to review the medical facts of your case all requested materials, such as, medical reports, radiological films and reports and when relevant, medical summaries, a MAW consultant will provide you with a proposal and an estimate. The quote is based on the complexity of the subject matter and the number of exhibits.

4. Can I email material to you?

Yes, all digitized films and reports can be emailed to: sarita@medicalartworks.com

5. Do you require payment upfront on a custom job?

Yes. We provide a proposal and estimate based on your custom request. Once we have your signed authorization to produce the exhibit(s), based on our submitted proposal and estimate, a 50% deposit is will be required along with your signed authorization to proceed.

6. Do you send proofs or mock-ups of my project for expert review?

Yes. We will send you an initial proof of the completed job for your review and your expert’s review, to either approve or request revisions.

7. What if an injury is similar, but not exactly like a MAW Stock Medical Exhibit?

Without the strict rules of evidence in force during trial, you are at liberty to find examples that may be a close, but not necessarily an exact, representation of your issues. This allows you to take advantage of previously created illustrations available through MAW.

8. Can I include my client’s radiological films, such as X-rays or MRI, on an existing exhibit in the MAW library?

Yes, please select the illustration you would like to use for your case from our online store. Then, contact us by telephone (305) 381-5102 or email us regarding your request to Sarita@medicalartworks.com. 

9. What are my additional customization options when I want to use an existing exhibit or image from the MAW library? And are there additional cost associated with those options?

Option1: MAW adds clients name on existing MAW stock exhibit:

Add $25.00

Option2: MAW adds radiological film + date on MAW stock exhibit:

Add $50.00

Option3: MAW adds Client name + Radiological film + Date on MAW stock exhibit:

Add $65.00

Option4: MAW more complex customization, records and film review = Will be billed by the hour at quarterly increments:


Films and medical records can be sent either by email, fax or if you have them in digital format you can submit them through this form.

e: contact@MedicalArtWorks.com / fax: 305.357.6283

10. Can MAW customize exhibits and animations that are consistent and accurate representations of my client’s injuries and procedures?

Yes. MAW's highly experienced and knowledgeable medical illustrators & medical animators can work directly with your medical experts, when necessary, or requested to prepare an accurate representation of the medical facts.  However, we always recommend  you get your medical expert's approval on all proofs that we submit, prior to finalizing any job and prior to using it in your expert's video deposition or at trial.

11. Does MAW provide any other customized presentation services?

Yes. MAW provides a wide range of services that include Medical chronologies, Timelines, Graphic charts, X-ray & MRI photo-positives, Color diagnostics, Day in the life video documentaries, Interactive Media and Legal Nurse Consulting services, upon request.

12. Will MAW meet my deadline?

Yes. If you purchase directly from the site, you can get the images instantly. Prints will take 2 days minimum to process. See our Pricing Chart for details.

For customization, please contact us and we will be able to better estimate the time needed for production.

13. Can I use the illustrations in my PPT or other electronic presentation?

Yes, you can use the illustrations electronically and they are available in various sizes.

14. What type of file format will I need for the electronic presentation?

The file formats and size appropriate of your presentation is listed on our Pricing Chart

15. How long will it take MAW to enlarge, print and deliver the final exhibit?

Printing and mounting may takes up to  2 business days to process. Plus, the delivery time depends, on the shipping option you select. 

16. When is the best time in the litigation process to finalize the custom exhibits?

On custom work, if mediation has not resulted in a settlement and a trial date has been set, it is recommended that you contact our office, to advise us and put us on notice. You should forward the provided illustrations to your medical expert to approve their accuracy or to request revisions, if necessary.

15. When is the best time to contact MAW in order to further customize the stock exhibits?

If you have purchased our low cost images to use on a specific case and mediation did not result in a satisfactory settlement , we recommended that you contact our office, to advise us and request further customization, as soon as possible.