"Your exhibits have been used by me at mediations and trial and have resulted in contributing to settlements and verdicts for millions of dollars. Most recently, your incredible illustration of a spinal fusion using a Harrington rod was instrumental in a 1.1 million dollar verdict in a case where the offer was only $25,000."

- Jay Halpern and Associates, P.A.

"Thank you very much for the exquisite medical illustration work that you recently did for me on the Ingram case. Through your very accurate anatomical illustration of my client's double level fusion with hardware insertion, I was able to clearly and persuasively explain my client's serious low back injury and resulting surgery in relatively simple terms during mediation. In fact, the mediator stated to us that the illustration was first rate and the best he had seen."

- Rossman, Baumburger, Reboso, Spier & Conolly, P.A.

"Your multimedia presentation of our client's Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD) was so compelling that the insurance company greatly increased their offer to over seven figures!!! As you know, educating the insurance adjuster is probably the most important factor in achieving a reasonable settlement offer. Your thorough research on the condition of our client and the final presentation your firm provided us, made this all possible!!"

- Bruce H. Freedman, P.A.