Uncovering Benefits of Medical Demonstrative Evidence In Personal Injury Presentations

Have you ever left money on the table when settling or trying your case?

Why leave money on the table when settling or trying your case, when a simple image, exhibit or animation can drastically maximize the value of your case?

I’m sure you’ve heard... A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to topics that are foreign to many. In the courtroom, it's essential that the judge and jury are adequately able to visualize and readily understand complex medical terminology and procedures that may be relevant to the case at hand. As a result, Medical Art Works specializes in the construction/ production of custom medical illustrations and presentations that are beneficial not only for courtroom cases, but, are also very valuable for mediation in an attempt to settle your case early on in the litigation process.
Medical Art Works images and exhibits can be used throughout the entire litigations process starting with the demand letters, settlement packages, expert conferences, medical expert  depositions, mediation and courtroom presentations.

Experience a Wide Array of Courtroom Illustration Options

When it comes to anatomical and medical art work presentations, the sky is the limit. The experts at Medical Art Works can make any anatomy illustration as detailed or general as the customer requests. In addition, several different illustrations may be pertinent to one case, under which circumstance Medical Art Works can provide as many as the client sees fit, for the specific case. From single anatomical image, such as the knee and eye, to complete body systems, such as the reproductive and circulatory areas, we cater to the needs of a large array of clients and are able to construct virtually any requested medical diagram or animation.

Film Evidence, Radiological Colorization and Radiological Film Interpretation

While some wounds can  be viewed or noted externally X-ray technology can detect internal injuries in a precise manner. In courtroom cases, X -ray films can show distinct bone and fracture patterns and magnify images immensely. These films can also include digital characteristics, such as arrows and highlights. The technique of radiological colorization breaks anatomical images into segments so that untrained layman eyes can identify various anatomical structures. These anatomy drawings can be used to make a case stronger and display irrefutable facts. By combining the two aforementioned forms of illustrations, Medical Art Works can construct a complete Radiological Film Interpretation. This tool is used to portray a precise illustration that is based off of the tracing of actual film evidence. In general, radiological illustrations vary in price from $95-$395, depending on the complexity of the injury and/or repair.

Traditional Medical Illustrations

The most popular form of presentation is the traditional medical illustration. Medical illustration is useful in most cases, to illustrates and easily demonstrate the placement of structures within the human body and depict the extent of your client's injuries and surgical procedures in a most dramatic yet accurate and layman friendly format. These illustrations are carefully generated by highly skilled medical illustrators and are based specifically on individual case medical facts and records provided, thus, the price is determined on an individual basis upon review of the reports and the requested illustration(s).

Custom Animations and Interactive Presentations

Some clients prefer more succinct presentations, in which case customized versions and interactive electronic presentations may be preferred. Custom animations are created in a 3D manner and are similar to a motion picture presentation, in that it tells a story. Allowing the audience to view the image(s) from different perspectives and view the steps of a procedure in one smooth  fluid motion. Similarly, interactive electronic presentations are constructed using PowerPoint or other technology and incorporate various forms of media (so that you can tell your story). The price for these 3D animations and multimedia presentations vary greatly and are based on the complexity of the subject matter, the amount of information depicted and the length on the production that is being requested or necessary in order to produce the most compelling and persuasive presentation.
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