Using Medical Animations and Illustrations as Evidence in Legal Cases

Using Medical Animations and Illustrations as Evidence in Legal Cases

Medical-legal cases such as personal injury and malpractice cases are complicated. The legal jargon combined with medical terminology can be confusing, even for professionals in each of the two fields. Using comprehensive medical animations and illustrations as evidence is a great way for lawyers to help a lay person understand complicated medical issues during case trials.

Textbook Medical Illustrations vs. Medical-Legal Art

Conventional medical illustrations are as detailed and complex as possible. These drawings are intended to be teaching tools for physicians so they contain a high saturation level of information. However, this makes them difficult to understand for a lay jury. Instead of using textbook medical illustrations, it is better for lawyers to use medical-legal artwork. These are commonly used in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

The Job of a Medical Illustrator

Medical illustration requires highly-skilled individuals with advanced education in both the sciences and visual communication. Every day, there are new discoveries in science and technology that affect the medical field. Therefore, even trained medical illustrators have to constantly study to update their knowledge and become effective communicators. Aside from new information from the medical field, illustrators also have to familiarize themselves with the latest in computer graphics and imaging. Advancements in technology have given illustrators more ways to make biological processes easier to understand. Animations help in expanding the production of medical information that is aimed at the lay public.

Working with a Medical-Legal Illustrator

These professionals must work as a team with the physician and the lawyer. Before the artist starts drawing or making the animations, he must be provided with the complete medical history of the lawyer’s client so that he can make recommendations as to what to emphasize using the visuals. Experienced illustrators, like those at Medical Artworks, are invaluable in coming up with an appropriate illustration plan. The key to using medical-legal artwork is to use simplified but sophisticated graphics. With the physician vouching for the illustrations’ accuracy, lawyers can further establish the evidence’s credibility. Truly, case-specific drawings and animations can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. If you wish to have some medical artwork done, you may contact companies that specialize in this today.
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