Wrists bilateral fractures

Extensive bilateral wrist injuries depicted from an MRI study - left wrist impression includes 1) Nondisplaced comminuted intraarticular fracture of the distal radial metaphysis 2) Disruption of the triangular fibrocartilage at both the radial and ulnar attachments. The right wrist impression: 1) Nondisplace curvilinear fracture involving the ulnar side of the lunate bone and tear of radial Lunate ligament 2) Triangular fibrocartilage full thinkness tears near the radial attachment and fraying on the ulnar attachment 3) Ulnolunate inpaction syndrome 4) Partial thinkness longitudinal tear of the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis tendons 5) Possible ulnar styloid nondisplaced fracture.

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